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Per the influence of the internet for creatives/artists/filmmakers:

Love and love-lost.

This “Theme relates to human interaction.  Where there is that one specific person that has affected us in an etreme emotional way, either immense love, tenderness or heartbreak and loss.”  (via

This first theme “Only You”, would be an interesting subject for the students to explore because it’s universal (i.e. everyone has fallen in love and everyone has at least have had their hearts broken),  hopefully it’s inspiring enough for grad students of D&T to participate.

French author Maguerite Duras’ The Lover.  Where she writes about her first lover when she was only 15 living in French Indochina. 

Singer songwriter Adele, wrote her entire album 21 about a recent breakup.

Filmmaker Wong Kar Wai (also a self proclaimed romantic), all his movies are based on romantic stories filled with longing, disappointment, connections and miss connections.